The U.S. Senate



World news: the US Senate are working on tougher sanctions against Russia.

In the Senate of the United States (the upper chamber of Congress) said that working to develop a complex legislative act, which should strengthen the pressure on Russia and to expand the capabilities of the US government with the aim of responding to the actions of the Kremlin.

This is stated in a joint statement, senators Lindsey Graham (Republican party) and Bob Menendez (Democratic party) posted on the website of the foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Senate.

“We are fully committed to the goal to preserve the active role of Congress in opposition to Russia, and to ensure that the legislative branch necessary measures to protect the US and our allies . That is why in the coming days we will introduce comprehensive legislation to ensure the mandatory imposition of sanctions in accordance with the law “Combating the enemies of America because of the sanctions” (CAATSA) simultaneously introducing additional sanctions to ensure the maximum pressure in the campaign of the Kremlin against our democracy and an international order based on rules,” said senators Graham and Menendez.

They hope that other colleagues from both parties will support their initiative. It is also noted that the new legislation will include tougher sanctions in the energy and financial sectors of the Russian Federation, the strengthening of sanctions against Russian oligarchs and parastatals, as well as the introduction of sanctions against the Russian state debt.

In addition, the draft law envisages the introduction of sectoral sanctions against the Russian organizations operating in cyberspace.

The document provides for the establishment of a National centre, States to respond to Russian threats. You will also add a paragraph that requires the approval of the Senate in the case of a decision on the U.S. withdrawal from NATO.