Photo: YouTube Testing probe suitable to the finish line

Arab scientists launch first probe to the red planet to collect the necessary data. The launch will take place in mid-July.

United Arab Emirates plans to launch the first unmanned probe to Mars. The launch will take place on 15 July 2020 with the Japanese launch site at Tanegashima island, writes

The probe was called Hope (Hope). He must overcome the 495 million kilometres to reach Mars and enter its orbit.

Arab Hope researchers start to gather data about the red planet.

The probe is equipped with a camera, an infrared spectrometer to study the temperature regimes and an ultraviolet spectrometer to study the upper atmosphere and traces of oxygen and hydrogen.

The device has solar panels that will provide energy.

“Testing probe suitable to the finish line, and after two month’s scheduled unmanned flight to Mars” – said one of the leaders of the project, Omran Sharaf.

As previously reported, in the United States are testing a toy vehicle to Mars. It demonstrates increased permeability in the conditions of loose soil.

Also wrote that scientists have found the perfect place for life on Mars.

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