As reported in
Monday, September 16, the Russian Dialog with a link to the portal Ukrainian delegation
during the plenary sessions of the meeting of the Organization for security and
cooperation in Europe (OSCE) opposed the statement at the event
representatives from the Crimea.

According to the source, in the session on freedom of expression, media and information
had to be the chief editor of “the Crimean newspaper” Maria
Volkonskaya. After the woman was presented, the Ukrainian side has requested

to deprive a speaker of a speech,” said one of the representatives, and stressed that
the journalist has no right to make any statements at the OSCE event, in connection
because such a platform, in his opinion, “cannot be used for
distribution point of view, the occupation authorities of the Crimea.”

In addition,
the Ukrainian diplomat demanded that the Russian speaker has left the building.

Earlier it became known about the “strike” a scandalous Ukrainian oligarch Igor
Kolomoyskiy International arbitration in the field of property
claims the former head of PrivatBank in the Crimea.

Also, the Russian Dialogue reported on the reaction of the Crimea to the renaming of the Peninsula.

In addition, it became known the plan of Vladimir Zelensky on the “return” of the Peninsula in the