The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has decided to transfer to the international court of justice in the Hague all the diplomatic notes that were sent to Russia.

According to “Russian conversation”, it said
American lawyer David Zinc,
which is a member of the Ukrainian

He stressed
this correspondence will allow to refute
the words of the Russian representatives, who
talking about the lack of specific
claims of Kiev in the conflict in
The Donbas.

The lawyer said:
“Mr. Rogachev (Russian representative
— ed.) said that Ukraine did not provide
Russia specific cases of violations”.
He also drew attention to the fact that
the Russian side noted
notes just General things, but the lack of
specifics. Thus, Sions drew
attention to the fact that Rogachev has provided
the court is not all diplomatic correspondence.

We will remind, earlier
presented Russia stated that a weapon
the militia found in warehouses, where it
was from the Soviet era. Ukraine has expressed dissatisfaction with such
statements of the Russian side, in connection
what promised to refute this