Beginning of exchange of detainees
The office of the President of Ukraine

The Ukrainian side and militants of the so-called “LNR” held an exchange of detainees by the formula “11 4”. This is reported by the separatist media.

The exchange of detainees was held near the bridge in the village of Happiness.

“LNR” handed over to the authorities of Ukraine of 11 people, and in return received four. Three refused to go to Lugansk in the process of exchange, and the eighth potential participant exchange announced the failure is still early,” – said the “head of the working group on exchange of prisoners of war, “LC” Olga Kobzeva.

News on topic: Ukraine releases from captivity all and will fight for every Ukrainian, while not all will return home, – Zelensky

Note that today on the territory under the control of the government of Ukraine returned 20 citizens of Ukraine, who illegally held in the temporarily occupied territories of Lugansk and Donetsk regions.