In Crimea, citizens of Ukraine, who asked not to change their nationality to Russian, denied access to basic services. This was stated by the British permanent representative in the UN Security Council, Karen pierce, speaking at a meeting of the security Council, the press service of the British foreign office.

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“…I would like to use this discussion to shed light on a few specific situations in which the situation of international humanitarian law is terrible. In Crimea, citizens of Ukraine are denied access to basic services, because they do not intend to change their nationality contrary to international humanitarian law”, – said pierce.

Also in her report, she remembered about the critical humanitarian situation in countries such as Syria, South Sudan, Mali, in the Sahel region in Africa.

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The most serious violations, according to pierce, was recorded in Syria. She noted that local people had to face hunger because they do not miss humanitarian supplies from the red cross. They also were evicted from their homes in Aleppo and other Syrian cities. According to her, against the local inhabitants used weapons of mass destruction, and is now being bombed schools and hospitals in the country.

In may 2019, the human rights activist Maria TOMAK has informed that Russia annexed its Crimea 115 Ukrainians are being persecuted for political reasons.