UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres

António Guterres urged all members to redouble their efforts to achieve sustainable peace on the Korean Peninsula.

UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres welcomed the unity of the UN security Council during the adoption of the resolution on the DPRK, Interfax reported.

We will remind, on December 22, the UN security Council adopted a resolution that imposes new sanctions against North Korea. The document is almost completely restricts the ability of the DPRK’s import of refined petroleum products, prohibits the purchase of Pyongyang’s food, machines and equipment, and to put in the country transport ships and industrial equipment .

“The Secretary-General welcomes the continued unity of the security Council, which is very important to achieve the goal of denuclearization and the creation of space for diplomatic initiatives aimed at achieving the goals by peaceful means”, − reads the statement of the official representative of the Secretary General Stefan Dujarric..

It is reported that the UN Secretary General “supports the intention of the security Council to find a peaceful, diplomatic, political solution for the situation.”

According to Guterres, “for a comprehensive peace and a political solution is needed now to reduce the stress and open the channels of communication.”

Earlier, the permanent representative of the DPRK at the UN Cha Sleep Us said that North Korea intends to become the most powerful nuclear and military power.

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