The UN security Council adopted resolution 2370 (2017) on the prevention of weapons falling into the hands of terrorists aimed at preventing the constant threat of the manufacture, stockpiling, transfer, acquisition or use of weapons by terrorist groups, reports the press service of the Permanent mission of Ukraine to the UN.

“The purpose of this resolution is to further increase the efficiency of the measures on arms control, implemented at the national, regional and international levels to stop illegal use of small arms and light weapons, components for the production of improvised explosive devices,” – said in a statement on the website of the mission.

The Ukrainian delegation called upon the international community to further strengthen border and export control rules of transfers and to strengthen international cooperation law enforcement and intelligence agencies .

“It was brought to the attention of the international community for continued violations of international law by the Russian Federation, which supplies to the occupied territory in the East of Ukraine numerous types of weapons that are used to carry out terrorist attacks, including the shoot down of Malaysian flight MH17… IN this regard, the Ukrainian delegation stressed the need to strengthen the commitments reaffirmed in the resolution on the termination of support for terrorists, and the importance of bringing to justice those who supply weapons, finances or provides any other support to terrorists”, – noted in the message.

According to the statement of the Ukrainian delegation, published on the website of the Permanent mission of Ukraine to the UN, we are talking about supplying Pro-Russian militants “more than 400 battle tanks, armored personnel carriers 840, 200 reusable rocket complexes, artillery systems 730 and 400 units of air defense.”

“As terrorist organizations in Ukraine received weapons, the amount of which often exceeds the stockpiles of weapons many countries on the European continent? Or why the terrorists have not run out of fuel and ammunition?”, – asked a rhetorical question of the Ukrainian delegation at the meeting of the UN security Council.