The UN security Council. Archival photo.

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution on the protection of cultural heritage during armed conflicts. This was reported on the page of the Ukrainian mission to the UN on Twitter.

The text of the resolution was developed by the representatives of Italy and France.

“The UN Security Council has just adopted a resolution on the protection of cultural heritage in armed conflict. Ukraine – one of the authors”, – stated in the message of the security Council.

The resolution was proposed to counter the destruction and smuggling of cultural values from the territory of military conflict.

According to the report, the resolution condemns the unlawful destruction and the looting and export of cultural property from the territory of military conflict.

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In addition, the resolution reaffirms that such acts can be war crimes .

“The resolution urges to take measures to prevent and stop illicit trade and trafficking in cultural property, and establish wide-ranging cooperation between law enforcement and marine agencies with the support of UNESCO and Interpol,” – said in the message.

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— UKR Mission to UN (@UKRinUN) 24 March 2017 R.

The authors of the resolution urged member States of the UN to place cultural values existing in their territories “safe zones”.

Also the resolution provides for the inclusion in the mandates of UN peacekeeping operations the tasks regarding the protection of cultural heritage.

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As reported, in October 2015, militants of the terrorist group ISIS after the capture of the Syrian Palmyra blew up in the city, the triumphal arch, which is dated to the II century ad. The city of Palmyra was added to the UNESCO world heritage site.

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