The UN security Council on Friday imposed new sanctions against the DPRK, according to the newspaper South China Morning Post.

The black list included 21 companies, 27 of the courts and one individual in connection with allegations of smuggling in North Korean goods, mainly oil and coal. However, only 12 of the sanctioned firms are in North Korea, the rest in Hong Kong, Singapore, Samoa, the Marshall Islands and Panama.

The only private person who was related to restrictions, is a Taiwanese businessman who organized the smuggling of North Korean coal, and negotiations with the representative of the DPRK took place on the territory of Russia.

It is noted that the current sanctions – the largest since December of 2017, when the decision of the UN security Council the supply of petroleum products from North Korea were reduced by almost 90% . Also introduced was the ban on exports to the DPRK of various kinds of minerals, chemical and electrical products and certain foods.

New restrictions imposed on the background of preparation of the first ever meeting of the US President with the leader of North Korea.