Representatives of the UN security Council is dissatisfied with the ultimatum that the parties to the conflict in Syria put forward before the start of the meeting on Syria. In international organizations emphasize very expect the resumption of negotiations for a peaceful settlement.

According to “Russian conversation”, members of the security Council call upon members of the International support group SAR to put pressure on both parties to cooperation in relation to the cessation of violations, reducing the level of violence and ensure safe and free access of humanitarian assistance to the territory in war-torn country, according to resolution No. 2165, 2014.

The security Council also recognized the critical role of negotiations in Astana in the transition to a political settlement, which became possible after the agreement on cease-fire .

Previously, “Russian conversation,” wrote that the Syrian government army is rapidly frees occupied by the ISIL terrorists the territory of the country, which was also subordin the ancient city of Palmyra.