The attack in Kabul



The UN mission for assistance to Afghanistan condemned the attack in Kabul.

The UN security Council condemned the attack in the capital of Afghanistan, which killed 90 people, another 400 were injured.

About it reports “Radio Freedom”.

At the meeting, the security Council called the attack “horrific and cowardly” and urged all countries to cooperate with the government of Afghanistan to bring to justice the perpetrators of this attack.

Increased the number of victims of the terrorist attack in Kabul

In addition, the security Council reiterated that “terrorism in all its forms and manifestations is one of the most serious threats to international peace and security.”

At 8.22 am on Wednesday local time in the centre of the Afghan capital was rocked by a powerful explosion near the presidential Palace and foreign embassies .According to recent reports at least 90 people were killed, about 400 injured, including employees of foreign dipuchrezhdeny, nearby. Among the injured were four journalists of Bi-Bi-si. As a result of explosion the considerable damage he received embassies of France and Germany.