The UN Security Council strongly condemned the recent launches of the DPRK four ballistic missiles, said in a statement to the press.

“The members of the Security Council strongly condemned recent ballistic missile launches conducted by the DPRK on 5 March 2017. These triggers are a serious violation of international obligations of the DPRK in the framework of the resolutions of the UN Security Council 1718 (2006), 1874 (2009), 2087 (2013), 2094 (2013), 2270 (2016), and 2321 (2016),” – said the UN security Council statement to the press.

The statement was issued on the eve of an emergency meeting of the UN security Council on DPRK.

The document notes that “these actions contribute to the development of delivery systems of nuclear weapons of the DPRK and heighten tensions in the region and beyond”.

Members of the security Council once again expressed its regret that “the DPRK diverts resources on ballistic missiles, when the population is in dire need .”

“North Korea should refrain from further actions, including nuclear tests that violate the relevant resolutions of the security Council, and to comply fully with its obligations under these resolutions,” the statement reads.

Members of the Council encouraged all member States to redouble their efforts towards the full implementation of the measures imposed against the DPRK the security Council, in particular, comprehensive measures contained in resolution 2270 2321 and 2016.

The Security Council has promised to carefully monitor the situation and threatened to take further significant measures, in accordance with previously expressed intentions of the Council, underlined in the message.

An emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with the four launches of ballistic missiles North Korea will be held on Wednesday at 10:00 local time.

In the night of Monday, North Korea launched four ballistic missiles that, according to South Korean and Japanese representatives, flying about 1 thousand kilometers, fell into the sea of Japan. Japan said that at least three of them crashed into the sea in its exclusive economic zone.

In accordance with the resolutions of the UN security Council banned North Korea missile launches using ballistic technology.

New rocket launch, observers believe, will cause a new wave of condemnation and could lead to a tightening of UN sanctions against the DPRK.