A meeting of the UN security Council (archive)

Members of the UN security Council has expressed its commitment to a peaceful diplomatic and political solution to the situation.

The UN Security Council on 20 April on the results of the special closed meeting condemned the latest launch of a ballistic missile of the DPRK, made April 15, reports UKRINFORM.

We will remind, the UN security Council members have agreed in the voting after Russia vetoed the text of the previous statements on the missile launch of the DPRK.

“The members of the Security Council strongly condemned recent ballistic missile launches conducted by the DPRK on 15 April 2017 . Members of the security Council expressed its extreme concern that the highly destabilizing behavior of North Korea and rude and provocative challenge to the Security Council through the launch of ballistic missiles in violation of its international obligations in accordance with UN security Council resolutions,” − said in a press statement of the Security Council.

The statement stressed the demand that the DPRK immediately cease further aggressive behavior, which leads to increased tension in the region.

The UN security Council noted that it would continue to closely monitor the situation and take further significant measures, “including sanctions” and expressed his commitment to “a peaceful diplomatic and political solution to the situation” through dialogue.

We will remind, on 15 April, North Korea attempted to test launch missiles is uncertain, however, the attempt was unsuccessful.

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