The UN Security Council condemned another launch of a ballistic missile of the DPRK and demanded the immediate cessation of such actions.

“The Security Council condemns DPRK for its outrageous actions and demands that the DPRK immediately cease such actions. The Security Council stresses that the DPRK’s actions represent not only a threat to the region, but also to all States members of the United Nations”, – stated in the presidential statement of the UN security Council.

It is noted that the Council members “expressed serious concern about the DPRK through the implementation of such a launch over Japan, as well as their recent actions and public statements deliberately undermines regional peace and stability, causing serious concern about security in the world.”

The UN Security Council stressed the importance of immediate and concrete actions to de-escalate tensions on the Korean Peninsula and beyond .

“The Security Council, resolute in their commitment to creating a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula underlines the vital importance of immediate concrete actions to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula and beyond”, the statement reads.

The Security Council “reiterated the importance of maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in northeast Asia in General, expressed their commitment to a peaceful, diplomatic and political solution, and welcomed the efforts of the members of the Council, as well as other States to ensure the peaceful and comprehensive solution through dialogue”.

Members of the security Council once again demanded that the DPRK, the implementation of all relevant security Council resolutions.

Meanwhile, as have informed on Wednesday “Interfax” a source in the UN, in the text of the presidential statement of the UN security Council “thanks to the efforts of Russia and China managed to include provisions on the inevitability of a politico-diplomatic settlement”.