The full sanctions list published in the Twitter of the Ukrainian mission to the UN.

All members of the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on the extension of restrictive measures against North Korea in response to its nuclear and missile program, reports RBC with reference to Reuters.

The approved document included 4 legal and 14 natural persons. According to the authors of the resolution, they were all involved in activities in the interests of the DPRK abroad. They, in particular, will be denied entry into other countries, and their financial accounts abroad will be frozen.

The full sanctions list published in the Twitter of the Ukrainian mission to the UN.

Glad BEZPEKA #UN whalla about nakladany resolution on #DPRK dodatkowy of sanctions. Added 14 picnic 4 uridin individuals. List ⬇ lot #UAinUNSC pic.twitter .com/lhATtFHuqB

— UKR Mission to UN (@UKRinUN) 2 Jun 2017


The resolution urged Pyongyang for an immediate end to missile tests and testing its nuclear system. Also the participating countries of the organization agreed to make efforts for a political and diplomatic settlement of tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

The initiation of the relevant document came from the permanent U.S. representative to the UN, Nikki Haley. She explained the need for the introduction of new sanctions against North Korea launches ongoing management of the country’s ballistic missiles that are prohibited by UN security Council resolutions.

Earlier it was reported that North Korea conducted tests of the air defense system of a new type. As claimed by Pyongyang, the new air defense developed by the specialists of the national Academy of military Sciences, and, in comparison with last year, the system is superior in effectiveness to detect and track targets as well as precision strike.