UN 7 Feb. /TASS./ The UN Security Council on 8 February, is expected to hold an extraordinary meeting on the humanitarian situation in Syria. This was stated on Wednesday at the permanent mission of Sweden to the world organization.

The meeting will be held at the initiative of Sweden and Kuwait, which made a proposal on February 6.

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“This appeal was a response to the deteriorating situation on the ground. UN reports from Syria about the rise of violence in several parts of the country, which entails dire consequences for the already critical humanitarian situation”, – have informed in Embassy .

“It is expected that the Security Council will meet on Thursday, February 8,” – said in a written statement of the permanent mission.

Commenting on the upcoming meeting, the permanent representative of Sweden Olof Skoog recalled that on Tuesday, the UN urged to declare a 30-day truce in Syria, which will provide assistance to the civilian population. According to him, at the meeting were Deputy UN Secretary-General for humanitarian Affairs mark Lowcock, who will talk about the steps that could be taken by the security Council to facilitate the extension of humanitarian pause. “We are particularly concerned about reports of attacks on civilians and civilian objects such as hospitals. These attacks increased the suffering of the population, and lead to new mass movements of people”, – said the diplomat.

He also drew attention to the lack of progress in the delivery of humanitarian assistance across front lines in Syria, including in the besieged and inaccessible areas of Syria. “This further exacerbates the situation, particularly in the besieged Eastern ghouta. The humanitarian truce will allow us to deliver vital aid and evacuate hundreds of critically ill patients who need urgent medical care,” said Olof Skoog.

As reported Wednesday in the office of the UN Secretary-General, in the last 48 hours in Eastern ghouta intensified airstrikes and mortar attacks that led to “the deaths of dozens of civilians and numerous injuries of people.” Commenting on the situation in Idlib province, Deputy spokesman of the Secretary General Farhan Haq told reporters that there are daily reports of deaths of civilians and destruction of infrastructure as a result of airstrikes and shelling. On behalf of the UN Haq called on all parties in Syria “to take the necessary measures to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure” in accordance with the requirements of international law.