The UN security Council meeting

The aggravation of the situation in the region was discussed behind closed doors, the statements were made.

The UN Security Council on Friday, August 16, held a private meeting on the question of a deterioration of relations between India and Pakistan in connection with the situation around the state of Jammu and Kashmir. About it reports a press-service of the UN.

It is noted that the issue of Kashmir was discussed in the Security Council for the first time in 50 years.

“Although the meeting took place behind closed doors in new York, permanent representative of China Zhang Yun came to reporters from the hall of the security Council after delivering speeches, urging India and Pakistan to “refrain from any unilateral action that may further worsen” the situation, which was already “very tense and dangerous,” according to the UN.

In the organization remind that the security Council meeting convened by China in response to the request of Pakistan on 13 August.

“The Kashmir issue should be resolved by peaceful means under the UN Charter, relevant resolutions of the Security Council and bilateral agreements”, – said the Chinese representative.

In turn, the representative of Pakistan Department Lodi said, communicating with the press that the meeting “allowed us to hear the voices of people from occupied Kashmir… at the highest diplomatic stage in the world”.

“The fact of the meeting proves that it is an international dispute,” she said.

Lodhi added that Pakistan is committed to a peaceful solution and said that the convening of the meeting negates the arguments of new Delhi on Kashmir as “internal Affairs” of India.

For a few minutes to press out and the permanent representative of India said Akbaruddin. He once again stressed that “issues related to article 270 of the Constitution of India” – is entirely an internal affair of India”.

“The latest decisions taken by the government of India and our legislative institutions are going to provide good governance, socio-economic development for people in Jammu and Kashmir,” said Akbaruddin.

He also said that the head of the troubled region have already announced the action plan, which “will return the region to normal”.

“India in the future, given the objectives to ensure that the situation remained calm and peaceful. We adhere to all the agreements that were signed on this issue”, – he assured.

At the same time, not to mention the name of the country, he expressed “particular concern that one state uses the terminology of Jihad against India and incites violence, in particular against its leaders,” and added that all issues between Pakistan and India should be resolved bilaterally and peacefully.

We will remind, on 5 August the government of India decided to deprive the state of Jammu and Kashmir a special status, which led to strained relations between India and Pakistan. The government began to transfer thousands of military in this region.

In response, Pakistan has lowered the level of diplomatic relations with India. Also, the Committee of national security of Pakistan decided to review all bilateral agreements with India.


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