This decision was the result of a request by Japan and the United States hold an extraordinary meeting of the UN security Council in connection with the unexpected launch of the DPRK 4 ballistic missiles.

and will begin in the first half of the day.

“The UN security Council will gather for consultations in connection with the launches of DPRK of ballistic missiles on the morning of 8 March,” – said the source “Interfax” in the world organization.

Note that according to the UN security Council resolutions, the DPRK is prohibited to conduct rocket launches using ballistic technologies.

Contrary to this, on 6 March, military, North Korea conducted a simultaneous launch of 4 missiles. These exercises were attended by Kim Jong UN. Missiles flying more than 1 thousand kilometers have already fallen in the waters of the sea of Japan in the exclusive economic zone of the Country of the rising sun .

Previously, “Russian conversation” already wrote that the Japanese authorities were able to determine the type of the missiles, which were released by North Korean military.