The members of the Security Council on Friday unanimously adopted a resolution expanding the sanctions list against North Korea. About it reports “Interfax”. “The draft resolution has garnered 15 “Yes” votes, the draft resolution was adopted unanimously”, – said the Chairman of the UN security Council in June, Sasha, Llorentti the results of the voting.

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“In the sanctions list includes 14 individuals, mostly civil servants and representatives of trade companies of the DPRK , as well as four legal entities of North Korea. Among them – the strategic missile forces of the people’s army of the DPRK. The sanctions hit North Korean Corporation Kumsan, which, according to some information, is managed by the General Bureau of atomic energy of the DPRK. The list also is a Bank Cortex (Koryo), which was founded in 1994 under the Ministry of defense of Korea and makes payments in foreign trade operations. In addition, the sanctions imposed on the trading of the Corporation Kangbong. As follows from the text of the resolution, all assets of the mentioned legal entities must be frozen,” reads the text prepared by the United States resolution, which has “Interfax”.

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The resolution urges the DPRK to immediately cease the prohibited missile and nuclear activities and confirmed the desire of the UN security Council to political and diplomatic settlement of tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley stressed that the missile launches of North Korea – “this is a direct threat to the security of a number of States, including my country.” In addition, Haley said that the DPRK launched missiles capable of shooting down planes, and thus endanger the lives of passengers of civil aircraft.

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