The members of the UN Security Council on the initiative of Kuwait will hold Friday evening local time urgent consultations on the situation in the Gaza strip, reported “Interfax” the press Secretary of the permanent mission to the UN Feodor Strzygowski.

“Today, at the insistence of kuwaitan UN security Council will hold closed consultations on the situation in the Gaza strip,” he said.

F. Strzygowski said that an emergency meeting of members of the Council scheduled for 18:30 at the time of new York.

On Friday in clashes between soldiers of the Israel defense forces and Palestinian demonstrators killed 15 people, more than 1.4 thousand people were injured and the injury, according to inter-Arab TV channel “al Jazeera”.

The head of the Palestinian national authority Mahmoud Abbas announced on March 31 a day of national mourning for those killed in Friday’s demonstrations .

The TV channel said that the Israeli soldiers used live weapons and tear gas, not to allow Palestinians to cross the border.

According to medical officials in the Gaza strip, most of the victims received bullet wounds or asked for help with symptoms of poisoning with tear gas. All with bullet wounds doctors approached by 758 people.

The IDF reported that the dead and injured from the Israeli side.

In response to the gunfire from the demonstrators, the Israel defense forces struck tank and air strikes on three objects of Hamas in the Gaza strip. The number of those killed and wounded in these attacks is not known.

On Friday, March 30, Palestinians celebrate earth Day, the 42nd anniversary of the riots related to the confiscation by Israel of Arab lands. This year, according to estimates of Israeli soldiers, the demonstration was attended by about 30 thousand people.