The UN Security Council will hold a hearing on the state of human rights, reports “Voice of America”.

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley at the beginning of the presidency of the United States in the security Council told reporters that she plans to hold a meeting without “pointing the finger at someone” devoted to the main problems related to human rights that lead to conflicts.

As examples, Nikki Haley had led student protests against President Bashar Assad that caused the six-year conflict; the self-immolation of a Tunisian fruit vendor who was harassed by the police and which could not work that sparked nationwide demonstrations and mass violations of human rights in North Korea.

The acting permanent representative of Russia to the UN, Pyotr Ilyich did not agree with the premise of the proposed discussion. Ilichev also claimed that other UN bodies, including the Geneva Council for human rights and the General Assembly, are already addressing human rights .

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The issue of human rights was not included in the programme of work of the Security Council almost a month because it required the unanimous consent of all 15 members of the security Council, which the United States could not obtain.

From the end 1980-x of years, the Security Council has focused on human rights as the primary motive for the validation of many UN peacekeeping missions. However, the security Council has never conducted so-called “thematic debate” on human rights.

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In order for the United States was able to approve the new agenda item, you need to hold a procedural vote at the beginning of the meeting, and to nine votes in favor. Diplomats said that the United States can be supported by only eight countries, seven will be against: Russia, China, Egypt, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan and, perhaps, Senegal.

The United States agreed to a compromise.

In the explanatory note to the meeting, the U.S. mission to the United Nations stated that the hearings in the security Council will be held in the old item:

“The maintenance of international peace and security, with an emphasis on “human rights and the prevention of armed conflict”.

This means that a procedural vote is not required and all 15 members of the UN Security Council is ready to participate in the debate.

As reported, the UN has called on North Korea to de-escalate the tension.

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