In committing war crimes in Syria guilty of all parties to the conflict. Such conclusion contains in the report of the International Commission on investigation of events in Syria, reports Deutche welle.

The focus of the experts was the situation during the battle for Aleppo in 2016.

The report States that all participants in the battle for Aleppo, including Syrian government forces, supporting videoconferencing, as well as the Syrian opposition committed war crimes during the attempts to take control of the city in July-December 2016.

The report says that Syrian air force and the Russian space forces inflicted on opposition held areas of Eastern Aleppo “daily air strikes”, in which hundreds of people were killed. Also as a result of the strike was destroyed several health facilities . In addition, the document says that Syrian government aircraft “intentionally” bombed a convoy with humanitarian aid, which led to 14 casualties and the suspension of the operation on rendering assistance to the local population.

However, it is noted that special mention, in which war crimes are suspected by the Russian side, the report does not contain. The authors of the report note the use of air dropped cluster munitions, but does not lay the responsibility for this address – to Moscow or Damascus. Finally, the Commission draws attention to the fact that the Syrian air force used “bombs with chlorine in populated areas”, which resulted in the deaths of “hundreds of civilians”.

Recall that the human rights organization Human Rights Watch has accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons in recent months the battle for Aleppo. “The picture of the episodes of the dumping of chlorine indicates that we are not dealing with the personal initiative of individual, out-of-control actors, and part of the overall military strategy for the conquest of the city”, – said the Deputy Director of the organization for emergency situations, OLE Solvang.

The UN General Assembly in December 2016 announced the creation of the ad hoc working group. Its task is to create a dossier of materials on war crimes in Syria. This is expected to help the international justice authorities to collect evidence which they can use to bring those responsible to justice.

The battle for Aleppo continued between Assad army and the rebels since 2012. Eastern Aleppo under rebel control for more than four years, the last two years under siege.

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