The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine expressed support for the rights of citizens to peaceful protests but condemned violence against police officers and journalists that occurred during the rally at Parliament building in Central Kiev on Tuesday.

“The United States supports the right to peaceful protests. We condemn violence against police and journalists, which occurred today near the Verkhovna Rada”, – stated in the message of Embassy on Twitter.

As reported, at Parliament building in Central Kiev on Tuesday occur at the same time four of the protest. In particular, in addition to the protest against the opening of the land market is an action organization “Autoerosale”, which requires to simplify the system of customs clearance of cars on “euromarch” protesting opponents of the bill number 0931, which provides for the reduction to European standards of legislation in the field of combating discrimination, as well as members of the Federation of trade unions of Ukraine support the bills of the Labour code of Ukraine No. 2410 of the Code of Ukraine on labour No. 2410-1.

Law enforcement officers dismantled and carried from the scene of the action on the street Grushevskogo military tents who were trying to set the protesters.

In response, the protesters began to throw at police officers stones, empty plastic bottles and smoke bombs. It was also seen the use of tear gas, but who exactly it was used is unknown.

Later the ambulance took the injured Ukrainian protester.

Later the adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak reported that in the clashes of protesters and law enforcement officers under the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday injured 17 police officers and was detained 26 people.

The chief of a capital police Central Board Andrey Krishchenko during the briefing informed that the police opened criminal proceedings due to clashes outside Parliament on Tuesday.

“The criminal proceedings on h. 2 Art. 345, resisting a police officer, under investigation (threat or violence concerning the employee of law enforcement Agency the Criminal code of Ukraine),” said Krishchenko on Tuesday at a briefing

He added that two civilians went to the hospital, now they can communicate with police to find out how they received injuries.

The leader of the “national body”, the first commander of the regiment “Azov” Andrey Biletsky said that the rally at Parliament building in the center of Kiev will be indefinite.