Representatives of the Committee of the lower house of Congress of the United States made a proposal to provide the government of Ukraine in amount of 150 million dollars in military aid to 2017.

According to “Russian conversation”, the following documents published by the official portal of the appropriations Committee on Friday, March 3.

The amount of this assistance is almost two times less than it was set in the document about the American budget adopted by the outgoing winter 2016. At that time it was indicated to allocate to Kiev at least 350 million U.S. dollars in accordance with the agreements on assistance.

The money from the budget of the American state, Ukraine will receive for training, procurement of equipment, intelligence, logistics, and supply of Armed forces lethal weapons . The Ukrainian side informed about the impossibility of acquisition in the framework of the assistance of man-portable air defense systems.

Before the document attains legal force, it must be approved in the United States Congress and by the President of Donald trump.