Nuclear weapons

Fri 31 March 2017


Photo from open sources

States imposed new sanctions against North Korea due to the ongoing development of weapons of mass destruction.

The United States announced sanctions against North Korea for systematic violations by the regime in Pyongyang of the UN security Council resolutions, the development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. This is stated in the official message of the U.S. Treasury Department released on Friday.

“Bureau of the U.S. Treasury Department on matters of foreign assets control (OFAC) today added to the list of sanctions one institution and 11 individuals in response to the continued development by North Korea of weapons of mass destruction and the continuing violations of UN security Council resolutions,” – said in the message.

In the American Ministry of Finance also stressed that the list includes, in particular, the agents of the DPRK regime in Russia, China, Vietnam and Cuba, which aim to provide financial support or development of a program of weapons of mass destruction.

“Today’s sanctions are directed at the elimination of networks and the methods that the North Korean government uses to Finance its illegal activities in the nuclear field and the development of ballistic missiles,” – said on this occasion, the Minister of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin.

According to him, the sanctions “underscore the commitment of the present administration in the fight against the threat to the United States, our allies and stability on the Korean Peninsula and more generally in the Asia-Pacific region that emanates from the Kim regime in Pyongyang”.

The representative of the United States urged allies “to take similar measures.”