Photo: Reuters the Pentagon is predicting a continuation of the conflict in the Donbas

According to the intelligence of the Pentagon , next year Russia is unlikely to abandon destabilizing actions in Eastern Ukraine.

The Director of the defense intelligence Agency of the Pentagon, Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart stated that US military intelligence predicts the failure of the Minsk agreements for 2018, reports UKRINFORM.

Also in the report before the U.S. Senate Committee on Affairs of Armed forces of the Stewart focused on the fact that next year will continue overscale fighting along the front lines in the Donbas with a simultaneous probability of an escalation of violence by Russia.

“The conflict in Eastern Ukraine between Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian government is likely to continue over the next year, at the time, as hopeful about full implementation of Minsk agreements clouded”, − said the head of intelligence of the Pentagon.

He noted that Russia “is unlikely to reject the destabilizing actions in the Donbas,” and drew attention to its investments in the modernization of military capabilities.

Pentagon chief James Mattis reiterated the support of the integrity and independence of Ukraine.

The Pentagon will increase the potential of the army of Ukraine