Hypersonic weapons



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World news: the US must rely on deterrence of this so-called hypersonic weapons.

The head of Strategic command, U.S. air force General John Khayten painted a gloomy scenario of confrontation between the American armed forces a new generation of high-speed weapons that are being developed by Russia and China. It is reported by Voice of America.

“We have no means of defense, able to exclude the use of such weapons against us,” said George.Khayten. This means that, at least for now, the US must rely on deterrence of this so-called hypersonic weapons, he said.

“Hypersonic threat – it is a system that initially behaves as a ballistic, and you see it as a ballistic missile, but then it changes trajectory and flies more like a cruise missile or plane. It goes in the bottom space, then decreases immediately and flies at the same level”, – said the General. According to George .Haitana, at this point, the missile flies at a very high speed, so it is called hypersonic. “Russia and China are making active efforts to develop hypersonic weapons. We are watching to see how they have such weapons,” he added. John.Khayten, who has previously called Russia “the most significant threat” to the US, stressed the need to add a new type of nuclear weapons in the us Arsenal.

“I fully agree with the need to create low – yield nuclear weapons,” he said, referring to the request of Pentagon funds to build low-yield warheads for mounting on ballistic missiles, submarine-based. “Such a capability is a weapon of deterrence in response to threat, particularly from Russia. President Putin in April 2000 announced that Russian doctrine is to provide for the application of low-yield nuclear weapons on the battlefield,” said the General. Speech By John F. Kennedy.Hatena preceded the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump about his plans “to meet in the not too distant future” with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the international arms race.