The Pentagon has explicitly linked these steps with the threat of possible action by Iran against American forces in the region.

The United States sent to the Persian Gulf region air defense system Patriot and some additional warships in the context of growing tensions with Iran, reports the BBC.

The combat group of the aircraft carrier “Abraham Lincoln”, which has already passed the Suez canal to join the amphibious assault ship “Arlington” said U.S. officials.

Landing ship “Arlington” provides additional capabilities of command and control
Photo: BBC

Earlier, according to the Pentagon, on the American base in Qatar arrived B-52 bombers.

The Pentagon has explicitly linked these steps with the threat of possible action by Iran against American forces in the region.

American defense Ministry did not specify what actions fear from Iran.

The Iranian semi-official ISNA Agency quoted influential theologian Yousef Talamati-Nejad, who said that the American Navy can “destroy with one missile”.

To protect American interests

In a statement, the Pentagon stressed that the U.S. does not seek conflict with Iran, but is ready “to defend us forces and interests in the region.” “The defense Department continues to closely monitor the activities of the Iranian regime,” – said in the defense Ministry.

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The Patriot system capable of shooting down cruise and ballistic missiles
Photo: BBC

The Patriot system, capable of shooting down ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft, even the newest styles deployed in case of a possible attack from Iran, said at the Pentagon.

Sources American media reported that the visit to the region, “Arlington” were planned long ago, but now moved to an earlier date. The vehicle gives additional possibilities of control.

On Sunday Advisor to the President for national security John Bolton stated that all these maneuvers are intended to “send a clear and unmistakable signal” to the Iranian regime that any attack on American interests in the region “will meet implacable resistance to the force”.

Analysis. Pressure on Iran or something more?

Jonathan Marcus, a columnist for the bi-Bi-si on diplomatic and military matters

The battle has begun over the fate of the Iranian nuclear deal.

Within a year after the trump administration unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear agreement, Iran and all other parties continued to abide by it. And the main observer, the International atomic energy Agency has repeatedly confirmed that Iran is fulfilling its end of the bargain.

However, for the administration of the tramp problem was not whether to observe or comply with the Iran agreement – there was just saying that it is bad. Do not agree with anything major European allies, along with Russia and China. Thus, the administration of trump increases the pressure on Tehran.

Pressure on Iran’s economy was severe, and the Iranian government has now decided to act – saying that more will not be subject to the restrictions on the storage of enriched uranium and heavy water, and setting deadlines for the fulfilment of obligations to other parties.

Diplomats expect a few difficult months, without any guarantee of success. The administration trump wants to see his ultimate goal – the collapse of the nuclear deal. But the likelihood of conflict, albeit accidental, not deliberate, increases.