Photo: Getty the American authorities take homeopathy under control

The authorities involved in the campaign to curb sales of homeopathic remedies.

American authorities are working on new, more stringent measures to control the turnover of homeopathic medicines. This is stated in the statement of Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines USA (FDA).

The FDA wants to remove from the shelves of pharmacies products contain dangerous ingredients, injectable drugs, as well as for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, drug and alcohol dependencies.

Also close attention will be paid to homeopathy for children and the elderly. The tightening of turnover will affect drugs on the basis of belladonna and chilibuhi (the so-called emetic nut) .

“We respect the right of people to resort to methods of alternative medicine, but the FDA is responsible for protecting the public from products that is of no benefit and may cause harm to health,” the statement said.

Thus, homeopathic products, not threatening to health, will continue to be available to consumers.

In September this year, the European scientists divided the homeopathy medicine.