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World news:the United States will consult with the European Union in each particular case of application of the new sanctions.

The United States pledged to consult with the European Union, in each case applying Washington’s new sanctions against Russia. On Thursday in Brussels said the European Commission representative Mina Andreeva.

“There is a clear commitment (from the USA) to consult with allies. This will happen in each case when sanctions will be applied. This will give us the opportunity to see whether the impact on European projects or projects with European participation, which can also affect energy diversification in Europe, and where we can Express our concern,” she explained.

Andreev also confirmed the EU’s position in the case that expressions of concern will not be taken into account, “we will think about what response may be taken back.”

“We will consider each specific case (sanctions ). If there is a need to respond – our response will depend on the specific measures. But above all, there is an obligation to consult with us,” – said the representative of the EC.

As reported, on 2 August the President of the United States Donald trump signed the law on new sanctions against Russia.

The document enshrines in law the existing sanctions against Russia, creates a mechanism for mandatory consultation with the U.S. Congress of a possible decision of the President of the United States relative weakening of the anti-Russian sanctions, and provides for the imposition of sanctions against state enterprises of the Russian Federation, carrying out operations in the metallurgical and mining industries and railway transport.

In this regard, the European Commission noted that the application of any sanctions should be taken into account European interests. If this does not happen, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker reserves the right to take adequate measures. Also if us sanctions will disadvantage EU companies trading with Russia in the energy sector, the EU is ready within a few days to make reciprocal steps.

At the same time, Juncker expressed his satisfaction with the fact that “in principle, the bill was softened after the EU expressed its concern”.

“I said at the G7 summit in Taormina and at the G20 summit in Hamburg: if the Americans will continue (with the adoption of new sanctions), we will be ready to react in a matter of days. The result znachitelnaya part of the sanctions against Russia have been removed,” he stated.

According to Juncker, in the U.S. Congress are also convinced that sanctions will be applied only after will be consultations with the allied countries.

Earlier, 98 of the 100 members of the U.S. Senate voted for a new package of sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. The new sanctions include punitive measures, including for the European companies, in particular, will cooperate with the Russian “Gazprom” in the implementation of the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”.