American soldiers (archive photo)

North Korea considers the joint military exercises, Seoul and Washington as a rehearsal of aggression.

The US and South Korea begin on August 21 a joint 10-day military exercise Ulchi Freedom Guardian (UFG), which irritate the DPRK, RIA Novosti reported.

It is noted that the plans of the exercise last week, announced the Ministry of defense of South Korea against the background of confrontation between the US and North Korea, which has threatened to launch at us military facilities on the island of GUAM.

Although advertised as a defensive exercises, North Korea has condemned their conduct, warning that they could lead to “disastrous” consequences.”

Pyongyang believes that the purpose of the exercise is invasion into North Korean territory.

We will remind, in the South of the Korean Peninsula are constantly more than 28 thousand US troops in the framework of a military Alliance with South Korea .

After the Korean war of 1950-1953 was signed only a ceasefire agreement, and it is not technically over.

Attempts of Pyongyang to get Washington’s peace Treaty ended inconclusively. Now the DPRK vigorously develop nuclear and missile programs.

Earlier it was reported that in the maneuvers of U.S. and South Korea will participate soldiers from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, New Zealand, the Netherlands and the UK.