Edition of the Los Angeles Times found significant flaws in the us anti-missile shield. In the published report highlighted significant issues that were identified during the January military exercises.

The rocket, which is part of the Ground missile defense system, are unable to go on the cruise portion of the flight. It is reported by “life”, reports “Russian conversation”.

This incident the publication explains the short circuit, which could provoke two factors. The electronics Board is either loose, or it got a foreign object – a piece of wire or solder.

The Pentagon took a passive stance and announced that an additional coating for the circuit boards will not be implemented. The defense Ministry considered that this incident will never happen again, so I decided not to understand the causes of the incident.

The task of the missile defense complex in the United States located in Alaska and California, is to combat interception of Intercontinental ballistic missiles and their warheads in outer space beyond the earth’s atmosphere. In the future, the Pentagon plans to increase the power of the complex to 45 missiles.