The official position of the United States of America on conducted by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine work during the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada announced today, July 27, charge d’affairs of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor, according to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine on its website.

William Taylor noted that the division of the interior Ministry once again, as during the presidential elections in Ukraine, demonstrated their indifference to politics and ensure a safe and transparent early parliamentary elections, – stated in the message.

“I once again commend the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine and all units that obey him, for the smooth coordination, professional and effective work during the election campaign and in day of carrying out of preschedule parliamentary elections, held last Sunday,” said William Taylor.

Charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine noted that units of the interior Ministry demonstrated compliance to the high standards that Ukrainians expect from the law enforcement forces.

“The hard work of the National police, the national guard, SSES, the State border and migration services again allowed the citizens of Ukraine to freely and transparently Express their political preferences mainly without internal incidents and external interference,” said William Taylor.