If the United States receives a request for extradition policy, it is possible that it will be given to Moldova.

U.S. Ambassador to Moldova Derek Hogan claims that promised and did not give any security guarantees to the former leader of the democratic party Vladimir Plahotniuc in return for a peaceful transfer of power to the new leadership of the country.

It is reported “European true” with reference to the NewsMaker.

Recall that the peaceful transfer of power in Moldova started after the conversation leader partim power Vlad Plahotniuc with Ambassador Derek Hogan. After that, plahotniuc left the country, presumably through Transnistria he got to Odessa, and then – in Kiev.

Now, according to the Moldovan media, he is in the USA.

Derek Hogan spoke about the meeting he had with Vladimir Plahotniuc in the office of the democratic party on June 14 — just before Plakhotnyuk has left Moldova. According to the diplomat, the meeting lasted about half an hour.

“There was no agreement between the United States and with regards to Plahotniuc of the democratic transfer of power in Moldova, for example, that if he leaves, he receives some protection — this has not happened,” said Hogan.

Moreover, the diplomat noted that, if the United States receives a request for extradition policies, and data gathered will be convincing, it is “absolutely possible” that he will give to Moldova.

“It’s absolutely possible, of course within the framework of our system of justice. If the US government will receive such a request, it will review that. And if on the basis of the case would be concluded that it needs to be issued, it will be done,” added Derek Hogan.