Photo: Imago USA impose restrictions for five firms from China

Limitations chastnosti prohibit government agencies to buy equipment from these companies.

Official representatives of administration of the President of the United States Donald trump released a set of rules that officially ban the governmental agencies to purchase the equipment at five Chinese firms. On Thursday, August 8, reported NHK.

It is noted that this measure will come into effect next Tuesday. The new rules give effect to the ban, a harbinger of which was the Act of authorization of national defense, approved in August last year. They prohibit agencies to purchase goods or services from Telecom equipment manufacturers Huawei and ZTE, manufacturers of security cameras Hikvision and Dahua, as well as the Hytera company that produces wireless equipment.

In addition, Washington banned the agencies to have a business transaction with any company in the world that uses the products made by these five Chinese firms. This measure will come into effect in August 2020.

Previously, trump has made Huawei the black list, declaring it a threat to US security. Thus, he interfered with the business operations of American companies with Chinese concern.

At a press conference on the results of the G20 summit, Donald trump said that the final question about the Huawei needs to be resolved in trade negotiations between the US and China.

Later it was reported that Huawei in the quarter increased revenue amid U.S. sanctions.

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