The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin

The Russian President accused the US of meddling in political processes around the world.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in interview to TV channel NBC stated that the United States intervene in other people’s political processes around the world.

“I don’t mean to offend, but the United States everywhere around the world to actively intervene in election campaigns of other countries,” he said.

According to Putin, “where a finger on a world map nor a poke, everywhere you will complain that us officials intervene in their domestic political processes”.

“So if someone, I’m not saying that we didn’t interfere, but if someone somehow influences or attempts to influence, or somehow involved in these processes, then it really the United States not to be offended. Who tells us who is offended at us for what we interfering? You are constantly interfering,” said Putin .

The President of the Russian Federation stressed that “this does not sound like an excuse, it sounds like a statement of fact.”

“Every action has a corresponding reaction. But, again, we don’t need to do because I told you no accident for you and other members of the media recently in France were saying the same thing: presidents come and go, and even change the party in power and the main political line has not changed. So by and large we don’t care who is at the head of the United States, we know about what will happen. In this regard, we are, even if I wanted to, meaning there is no to interfere,” Putin summed up.

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