People walk in the old city of Damascus

The U.S. side announced that the truce in the South-West of Syria that was agreed trump and Putin observed.

Secretlabel US President in the coalition for combating grouping “Islamic state” Brett Mcguirk said that the U.S. is ready to discuss the creation of new zones truce in Syria similar to that which has been created on the basis of agreements of Donald trump and Vladimir Putin, reports RIA Novosti.

“If there are new possibilities to start negotiations on a military level, new opportunities to reach such agreements… we are completely open to it and will talk about it with the Russians,” said Mcguirk.

The truce in the South-West of Syria that was agreed trump and Putin met, said the special representative. The results he described as “quite encouraging”, noting that this area began to return civilians.

Mcguirk also said that the agreement with Russia helped the United States increase pressure on ISIS in the Syrian raqqa . According to him, the channel to prevent conflicts between the American and Russian military in Syria is working “extremely well”.

“Our military speak to Russians every day,” − said the envoy.

Recall that the truce in southern Syria, which on 9 July in Hamburg was agreed between the presidents of the trump and Putin, entered into force on 12 July.

Earlier, state Department spokesman stated that the United States will continue working with Russia to defeat “Islamic state” and a political settlement in Syria.

USA allowed the opportunity to expand the truce in Syria