Donald Trump

The popularity of States grows only in two countries: Russia and Israel.

The confidence rating of the US dropped sharply around the world under President Donald trump. The proportion of positive views of the U.S. fell to 49%, under Barack Obama the figure was 64%. These are the results of a study published by the Washington research center Pew Research Centre on Tuesday, June 27.

Most dramatically, the U.S. rating has fallen in Mexico, Canada and Europe. So, only 30% of Mexicans continue to respond positively about the politics of Washington, under Obama, the level was 66%. In Canada and Germany the popularity of America declined to 22%.

Even worse with the approval of the actions of the person of Donald trump. Worldwide, this figure dropped from 64 to 22%. The record was recorded in Germany and was 5%. For comparison, the approval rating of Vladimir Putin in the world is higher, at 27%, according to Pew Research Centre.

75% of respondents worldwide praised trump as “arrogant” the head, and 62% as “dangerous”. The US rating is increasing in only two countries – Israel and Russia. In Russia it rose to 53% from 11% under Obama. The survey was conducted in 37 countries among the more than 40 thousand respondents.

We will remind, according to the Harvard survey-Harris Poll for the Hill newspaper, the approval rating of trump rose for the first time in a long time.

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