According to the U.S. state Department’s decision to impose new anti-Russian sanctions and involving 8 companies from Russia were developed by the Obama administration, the current government decided to leave it in force.

As reported
“Russian Dialogue,” American diplomats emphasize is a mistake to assume that new anti –
sanctions developed under trump.

In fact
the decision was approved by 17 January, when the President of the United States was still Barack Obama.
The administration of Donald trump just looked into the possible introduction of

United States
imposed sanctions against 8 Russian organizations in the framework of the law on
non-proliferation in respect of Iran, North Korea and Syria from 2009.

company rostec said that the new anti-Russian sanctions will be
a powerful impetus to the development of the company and the latest technology .

the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that
once the restrictive measures have caused only frustration and bewilderment.