Photo: IPA / ABACA / Reuters

Carlo Acutis developed the first online catalog of Eucharistic miracles.

The Catholic Church intends to canonize the guy from Italy Carlo Acutis, who in 2006 died of leukemia at the age of 15 years. It will proclaim patron Saint of the Internet, according to

According to mom, the guy was a normal teenager — loved soccer, video games and programming. He also believed in God and so often helped the people carried the food to the poor, the needy, handing out pocket money, stood up for classmates.

During the life of Acutis developed the first online catalog of the Eucharistic miracles is an online exhibition that shows the miracles that occurred in the world. Therefore, Acutis wanted to share my faith with other people, writes NBC News.

Also Acutis credited with the healing of a boy from Brazil who prayed with him and then recovered from “rare diseases” is a necessary miracle to Carlo it was possible to canonize.

Carlo to be beatified in October. This will confirm that the boy was in heaven and can intercede for those who pray in his name. Also this is the last step before canonization.