Paris after the world Cup



World news: Riots occurred in the French cities during the celebration of victory in the 2018 world Cup.

Police in France have reported encounters with bullies during the celebration of the victory of the national team at the world Cup, said on Monday the local media.

Thus, the disturbances recorded by night in the Champs Elysees area, where there were hundreds of thousands of fans. According to the newspaper “Figaro”, at first the atmosphere was festive, but closer to the night it came into hooligans, who started throwing stones and bottles at police, and sometimes passers-by. As a result, according to preliminary data, seven people were arrested. Several shops in the centre of Paris was looted. In addition, reported cases of arsons of cars.

A curious incident occurred on the Champs Elysees the store, which sells paraphernalia of the football club PSG . According to “Le Figaro”, a group of vandals tried to break in there, but in the end met resistance not only from guards, but many fans of the capital team.

Has not done without incidents and in Marseille. Two police officers were injured during clashes with bullies, 10 people were detained. Disturbance is also recorded in Lyon, Rouen, Grenoble and other cities.