Photo: still from video T-64 Tank sample 2017

This is the main type of tank used by the Ukrainian army in the Donbas. Introduced modernization to reduce the risk of breakage or failure of the tank.

The T-64 sample 2017 is the latest modernization of Ukrainian main battle tank. The demo video of the tank posted in the Youtube channel of resource Defense Express.

“This tank was the result of combat experience and challenges of the war, which Ukraine received during the fighting in the Donbass”, – stated in the message.

The tank is equipped with a new dynamic protection, digital communication, satellite navigation, sight and observation equipment for combat at night.

Ukrainian army has received more than 150 pieces of the T-64 sample 2017.


Earlier it was reported that there was a video of underwater tests of the T-72.

Also the Correspondent wrote that the modernized tank T-72АМТ showed in the video.

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