Photo: First off F-15QA

Boeing claim that at the moment F-15QA is the most advanced version serial fighter.

The fourth generation fighter F-15QA (Qatar Advanced), developed by Boeing for the air force of Qatar, first flew in the air. Video Corporation published on Twitter.

It is reported that the aircraft for one and a half hours flew around Lambert international airport in St. Louis, USA. Jet carried out a maneuver in which the pilot can withstand the overload of up to 9g.

Boeing argued that the F-15QA is the most advanced version serial fighter F-15 Eagle.

In particular, the plane is equipped with radar with active phased array antenna system of search and tracking in the infrared range, additional pylons, an updated cockpit.

What’s a “Viking takeoff”? Watch as the Qatar Emiri Air Force #F15 demonstrates the maneuver during its first flight.

— Defense Of Boeing (@BoeingDefense) April 14, 2020

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine said about the superiority of the su-27 over F-15.

Also the Correspondent wrote that in Japan, made a demand to the United States because of the accident F-15.

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