What you write Belarusians about the desire of the authorities to celebrate may 9 during an epidemic.

According to defense Ministry, “the epidemiological situation allows the Armed forces to carry out the planned activities of combat training”, part of which is preparation for the parade.

Belarusian Internet users, this explanation is not satisfied, “Salidarnasts”writes.

“Keepeth his army because of the usual pretentious,” write some angry forum users.

“Only beds in hospitals will remain, and so that the peak of the epidemic may not be enough”.

“The money spent on the parade could and to fight the coronavirus donate”.

“Parade to be, there is nothing to think. The parade is a tribute to those few veterans that liberated Europe from fascism. Belarusians are fascists beat, and here are some of the virus should be scared?”, – mind some Internet users.

“In war, died for their descendants lived, and here their lives don’t appreciate it,” – others answer.

“The only thing that remains sensible citizens, on any pretext and threats from work/study not to go there… Let’s parade takes place in completely empty streets.”

“If the parade, only at the head of Lukashenka and the procession of deputies. Don’t hurt the poor military, soldiers.”

“So, funny story: asking people to cancel the parade and not fork out money in vain, which can be useful for support to victims during the epidemic. But the army and the government say: the parade to be, despite the opinion of the people. From here follow can only be one thing – people, relax and sit at home, this parade is not for you.”