Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN



Photo from open sources

World news: US preparing meeting trump and Kim Jong-UN, despite threats from Pyongyang.

The United States remains prepared to hold a meeting between the President of the United States Donald trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, despite threats from the DPRK to withdraw from the negotiations.

This was stated on Wednesday by the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders, reported the USA Today.

“If they (North Korea – ed.) want to meet, we will be ready, and if not, it’s OK,” said Sanders.

She noted that the threats of the DPRK to withdraw from the agreement on the meeting was “fully expected” in Washington, but the us “hoped” that the meeting scheduled for June 12, will still take place.

On the eve of North Korea expressed its protest against joint military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea, putting in doubt a planned summit between trump and Kim. A few hours later, the DPRK made another statement, threatening to cancel the talks, rejecting the main idea of the renunciation of nuclear weapons.