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World news:the administration trump’s objection to giving Congress greater authority in determining the policy of sanctions against Russia.

The white house supports the introduction of new economic sanctions against Russia and Iraq, however, the bill currently being considered in the U.S. Congress, unacceptably constrains the powers of the President.

This writes the Ukrainian Pravda with reference to The Washington Post.

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As stated by the Director for legislative Affairs the White house mark Short, the administration of Donald trump supports new sanctions, but opposed that part of the bill, which gives the Congress much more significant powers in determining the policy of sanctions against Russia. If Donald trump will try to soften or lift sanctions against Moscow, according to the bill require a vote of Congress .

“We are concerned that the bill, as we believe, creates an unusual precedent for the delegation of the foreign policy of 535 members of Congress. It does not contain exceptions relating to national security issues, which have always been part of the sanctions in the past,” said Shorts.

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Earlier last month the Senate approved a new package of sanctions against Russia. Now it should take the house of representatives, however, the process has slowed due to the fact that Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on some aspects.

At the same time as the newspaper writes, the bill will still be passed before Congress leaves for the August recess.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said that during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin the issue of sanctions was not discussed.