Doctors fear a second wave of infection of the coronavirus.

The world health organization appealed to UEFA with the recommendation not to hold international tournaments until the end of 2021 writes About this Brazilian publication Veja, citing the magazine Placar.

According to the source, the representatives who participated in a video conference with UEFA, leading European clubs, which took place on 16 April. Epidemiologists made a presentation, after which the organization put forward a recommendation that is associated with fears of a new wave of infections next year.

The parties never came to a consensus at the meeting. It is noted that UEFA has no legal subordination of the who, and therefore all the proposals of the organization are recommendatory in nature.

Earlier, UEFA recommended that all leagues to finish the season 2019/20.

Recall that the new season of the championship Sweden plan to begin on 14 June with the audience.

According to the materials: