It is worth noting that Alexander podjapolsky was in the hospital with a heart attack after the suspicious victory of the daughter Alsou Abramova Micelli in the finale of the sixth season of the show “the Voice.Children”, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “Moscow 24”.

“He is now recovering,” said Alena Borodina.

In addition, she made an appeal to the media and asked them to give her husband to recover, emphasizing that almost lost a loved one.

We would add that the controversial victory daughter Alsou on “the Voice. Children” unleashed a barrage of criticism on the leadership of the “First channel”. It is possible that the hospitalization Podyapolsky was the result of his feelings about what happened in the project.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the famous actress Irina Senatova was admitted to Metropolitan hospital in critical condition.

Recall that the legendary Soviet and Russian 74-year-old Director Sergei Solovyov in the emergency order was taken to Metropolitan hospital.