Jose Mourinho


Jose Mourinho commented on the victory “Manchester United” in League of Europe.

Head coach of “Manchester United” Jose Mourinho told me how hard his team had to go to the final match of the Europa League against Ajax (2:0) after the recent terrorist attack in Manchester, which claimed 22 lives.

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“After this horrible week, it was difficult to play. Yesterday we held a press conference because I wanted to prepare myself for our work and try to forget what was important to her. The world goes on, he does not stop. And we must do our work. I agree with the UEFA decision to play this match, but such questions, which return to the tragedy in Manchester, deprive us of the joy of achievement. If we could, we would have traded the Cup to return all those human life. Can this trophy to make Manchester happy? Possible. Usually, when you go out on such a match, you should be happy . But today we were just doing a job. Players were able to ignore everything and focus on the match. We played well and deserved the win.

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For me this is the most important trophy in his career because he was the last. Of course, the Champions League means more than the Europa League, but not for me. This victory makes goose bumps run down the skin. It is a fantastic feeling. For the team this trophy means everything European trophy, return to Champions League game in Macedonia for the super Cup in August. For the club it is also the last piece of the puzzle as the last trophy, which was not” — said Mourinho.